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Sr. Teresa Dalle Pezze

On the 3rd of January 1985, a Comboni Sister, Teresa Dalle Pezze, was travelling from Carapira mission towards Nacala in Mozambique. Rebels attacked the army convoy in which Teresa’s car […]

We Asked. You Answered. Here is What We Heard

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Fr. Wiliam Nyadri

Through many years of preparation, William willingly followed the faithfulness of God who had called him to the priesthood. And with such powerful help, he fulfilled desires and hopes he […]

Mission in Uganda

The successors of Bishop Comboni as Vicar Apostolic of Khartoum were Mgr. Francis Sogaro (1882-1894); Mgr Anthony Roveggio (1894-1902) and Mgr Francis Xavier Geyer (1903-1922). Mgr Roveggio applied for permission […]