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Mission Focus

Serving the
World's Forgotten.

For 150 years, the Comboni Missionaries have traveled to nearly every corner of the world, sharing the good news of Christ and working to protect the dignity of all people. Founded in 1867 by St. Daniel Comboni, the Comboni Missionaries are an international Catholic organization dedicated to ministering to the world’s poorest and most abandoned people, often working in unstable political climate, in the midst of extreme poverty. Despite these challenges, our missionaries are dedicated to their mission of serving God’s people.


Verona Fathers Uganda
" To save Africa with Africa"

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Provincial Superior - Fr. Anthony Kibira MCCJ

On behalf of the Religious and lay faithful of the Verona Fathers, Central Region, I welcome you to our website. Among other things, you shall be able to
get information you desire concerning our vocation. More so as an evangelization conscious diocese, we shall aim to serve your spiritual needs as well.
Kindly remember us in your prayers always while we promise you ours. Peace be with you

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Mission Vocation is important.
Some of the Religious Brothers and Sisters share their stories

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  • Comboni Missionary Sisters:
    Vocations Director: P.O.Box 7196 Kampala
  • Vocations Director: P.O.Box 3572 Kampala
    Mob: +256 778809305/
  • Lay Missionaries: P.O.Box 3572 Kampala

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Biography Fr. Paolino Tomaino MCCJ

Fr. Paolino was born in a small village called San Pietro Apostolo in the Calabria Region, South of Italia on the 4th of November 1937 to Santo and Rosina Tomaino. ...

JANUARY 1965: Arrived in Uganda with Fr. Sean Dempsey, Fr. Joseph Ambrose and Fr. Mario Cisternino studied a Language Course at Nyakishenyi with Fr. Stockman MAY 1965: studied a Language ...

Fr. Paolino Tomaino’s Legacy

Fr. Paolino Tomaino was assigned to Nyabushozi in 1999 on the invitation of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Uganda. By that time; Greater Nyabushozi was still under ...