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  • 414 221606/ 414 221001/2
  • Plot M210 Boazman Road, Mbuya Kampala P.O.Box 3872 Kampala

Who they Are

They are a missionary religious institute of women who are called and sent to announce the Gospel to those who do not yet know Jesus Christ. They work mainly with the poorest communities and labour to promote the standards of living of many through education, healthcare, etc.

What do they do?

They announce the Gospel;

As multicultural communities;
– Promoting the total development of the person;
– Forming leaders, but paying special attention to women; witnessing by their lives the evangelical values, even where and open proclamation is not possible;
– Making the church aware of it’s mission and commitment

Entry Requirements

* Should have come from a good Christian family
* Lead a committed Christian life
* Have good health
* Must have no more than 38 aggregates best of 8 subjects at ‘O’ level, including a credit in English

* ‘O’ and ‘A’ level qualifications (for the sisters)

* At least 10 points (2 principal passes) for Arts or 8 points for sciences at ‘A’ level, including a pass in General Paper

* Must be no more than 25 years of age at the time of joing (Priests & Brothers)Between 18-28 years for the sisters Brother aspirants should have good practical skills

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