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Leadership in African Culture

African traditional political leaders cover both the temporal and the religious spheres. They represent the exigencies of the ancestors before the community of the living and the exigencies of the […]

Theology of Martyrdom with Reference to the Uganda Martyrs

Death is only useless when it is an end in itself. One of the saddest human experiences is the death of a child. Whatever age the child is, the grief […]

Corpus Christi cibus vitae

“There is nothing littler or more silent than Christ present in the host. This little piece of bread embodies the humanity and perfect silence of God, his tenderness and his […]

The importance of sacrifice in African culture

Every religion has some form of sacrifice. In fact, sacrifice is the most universal of all rituals. It comes from two Latin words: sacer, which means holy, sacred or set […]

Rev. Fr. Dominic ordained New Bishop of Kotido

The day January 14th 2023 was a beehive of activities at Kotido Catholic diocese. Everyone in the Diocese was actively involved; from the priests who were preparing for the liturgical […]

African Proverbs

One of the most precious aspects of African culture, which is undergoing a slow but a sure death are the proverbs. From the Latin, Proverbium, (pro and verbum), which means […]

Stories in Pictures

Gulu Ordination Ordination of Fr. Denis Limone opens Theater Kasaana Parish celebrates Jubilee Comboni Missionaries Retreat Uganda Martyrs 2023 Dr. Ambrosoli Beatification Consecration of Kotido Bishop Laudato Si Mbuya Parish […]


Keep up the search, follow the StarReadings: Is 60: 1-6; Eph 3: 2-3; Mt 2: 1-12 The word of God offered to us at the solemnity of the Epiphany invites […]

ARU celebrates Golden Jubilee

Founded in 1968, the Association of Religious in Uganda (ARU) celebrated their Golden jubilee at Lubaga Cathedral. The celebration attracted thousands of religious men and women. João Cardinal Bráz de […]

Comboni Martyrs

SOME OF THE COMBONI MISSIONARIES KILLED FOR THE GOSPE Father ALFREDO DE LAISocota’ (Ethiopia) 26th April, 1941 “For the love of God… for the love of Mary… We never did […]

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