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Rev. Fr. Paolino Tomaino was born on 4/11/1937 to Mr. Santo Tomaino and Mrs. Rosa Tomaino in a family of 5 (Fr. Paolino Tomaino, Giuseppe Tomaino, Maria Tomaino, Luisa Tomaino and Antonietta Tomaino) at St. Peter the Apostle Parish, Lamezia Diocese in Italy.

As a young man in school, a Comboni Missionary priest visited his school to identify young boys who could join Comboni Missionaries. Fr. Paolino made up his mind to join the Comboni Missionaries.

He later took his first vows on 9th September 1958. On 9th September 1963, Fr. Paolino took his perpetual vows, and he was ordained a Priest on 28th of June 1964.

Fr. Paolino’s health deteriorated in 2020 when he started having serious health complications, but he persevered. At certain moments, he was unable to celebrate Mass for people, therefore, he decided to have a prayer room where he would have Mass with people who would be with him.

Whenever he felt better, he would celebrate Mass on Sundays in Kakoni. On December 27th, 2023, he fell ill and was transferred to Kampala for specialized treatment. He was admitted at Platinum Hospital. Before leaving Kakoni, he celebrated Christmas Mass for and wiht the Christians.

On 13/2/2024, President Yoweri Museveni charted a plane which airlifted him to Italy for further treatment after realizing that his condition required specialized attention.

On 03/03/2024, Fr. Paolino breathed his last in Italy.

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