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Storie in Pictures

Kasaana Parish Celebrates Jubilee Mbuya Parish Day 23 Fr. Augustine Priestly ordination Limone opens operating theater Laudato Si Mbuya Parish Launch Moroto Bishop Consecration Dr. Ambrosoli Beatification Comboni Missionaries Retreat […]

The 5 cardinals behind the latest dubia issued to Pope Francis

Five cardinals have sent a set of questions to Pope Francis to express their concerns before this week’s Synod on Synodality opening at the Vatican.  The prelates, who also issued […]

My journey to Priesthood started at the Altar

he Jolly, humorous and free nature of Bishop Mathew Remigio Adam will attract you to him effortlessly. It is even more humbling if you are told he is a Bishop. […]

Gulu Ordination

Missionary Experience in S.Sudan

Vocation is a gift from God. It is nurtured and developed through many encounters which are part of a larger plan of God. We share on how, after a conversion […]

Comboni Martyrs

COMBONI MISSIONARIES KILLED FOR THE GOSPEL FR. ALFREDO DE LAIOrdained Jul y10, 1937Went to Gondar-Socota’ Jan 3, 1939Hardship and joyful acceptance of the war conditions, which he freely shared with […]

Picture Gallery

Photo Gallery Some Comboni Activities captured in Picture Fr. Matovu says Vows User By : admin Read More Laudato Si User By : admin Read More Moroto Bishop Consecration User […]


Some Documents Documents written by the Religious Uganda Provincial Superiors User By : admin FR. VALCAVI PIETRO – 1947 FR. SANTI GUISEPPE (1957-58) FR. DALL’AMICO ADELIO (1961-63) FR. BIANCALANA ANGELO […]

Fr. Vincent Asiimwe MCCj

Along side St. Kizito family was Mbuya Parish and Kiswa Christian Community where i used to stay. The Parish of Mbuya contributed alot towards my vocation. It was from the […]

Serving the Lord for over 52 years in Uganda

Fr. Larem has lived and worked in Uganda for over 52 years and his love for missionary work began at a tender age. At the age of 10, He had […]