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AMECEA President and Solwezi Diocese Bishop Charles Joseph Sampa Kasonde, reminded the faithful that only in peace and unity can the Church grow and prosper. The Church cannot grow or be successful if, among Christians themselves, there were elements of tribalism and hatred, he admonished.

In a colourful Eucharistic celebration held at St. Daniels Cathedral, Bishop Kasonde also called on the country’s leaders to selflessly serve those who elected them. He said God has granted the country abundant natural resources that must be used wisely.

The Diocese of Solwezi is home to some of the country’s biggest mines.

Pray for countries experiencing conflict

The Solwezi prelate, in his capacity as AMECEA President, also condemned conflicts in Sudan and the war between Russia and Ukraine. He appealed to the world’s leaders to accept mediation and ceasefire arrangments. 

The Bishop appealed and asked the faithful to continue praying for these countries in order to save humankind from needless suffering. 

Re-translating the Bible into Lunda, Luvale, and Kaonde

Bishop Kasonde was ordained and installed as Bishop of Solwezi Diocese on 29 May 2010.

Since he was installed as Bishop of Solwezi Diocese, many Churches and institutions have since been constructed. Under his leadership, the Diocese undertook the mammoth task of re-translating and updating the Bible into Lunda, Luvale, and Kaonde. The three languages are widely spoken and used in the Diocese. Present at the anniversary Mass were several priests, religious sisters and brothers, and scores of the laity from within Solwezi town and neighbouring districts.

Fr Stephen Kapalu – Solwezi, Zambia.

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