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Fr. Paolino Tomaino MCCJ died

Rev. Fr. Paolino Tomaino was born on 4/11/1937 to Mr. Santo Tomaino and Mrs. Rosa Tomaino in a family of 5 (Fr. Paolino Tomaino, Giuseppe Tomaino, Maria Tomaino, Luisa Tomaino […]

Biography Fr. Paolino Tomaino MCCJ

Fr. Paolino was born in a small village called San Pietro Apostolo in the Calabria Region, South of Italia on the 4th of November 1937 to Santo and Rosina Tomaino. […]

Uptick in attacks on Catholic parishes reveals hostility to faith, religious liberty

In a message to parishioners, Father Ed Cimbala, pastor of St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Parish in New York City, revealed that overnight on March 3 intruders entered his rectory and […]

Pope Francis: ‘Of all vices, pride is the great queen’

Pope Francis this week used his general audience to focus on the vice of pride, with the Holy Father for the second consecutive week relying on an aide to read […]

Pope Francis names retired judge to investigate sex abuse charges against Canadian cardinal

The Archdiocese of Quebec in Canada has announced that Pope Francis has appointed a retired judge to lead an investigation into the accusations of sexual abuse against Cardinal Gerald Lacroix, […]

Bishop-elect in Central African Republic vows to foster peace through dialogue with rebel groups

Monsignor Aurelio Gazzera, coadjutor bishop-elect of the Diocese of Bangassou in the Central African Republic (CAR), has promised to promote dialogue with various rebel groups operating in the country, noting […]

Pope Francis to the world’s children: ‘If we really want to be happy, we need to pray’

Pope Francis has issued a message to the world’s children in anticipation of the Church’s first-ever World Children’s Day, which will take place in Rome from May 25–26, reminding them […]

Pope Francis opens Vatican’s Judicial Year, has aide read speech due to ‘bronchitis’

Pope Francis presided over the inauguration of the 95th Judicial Year of the Vatican City State on Saturday morning, however he delegated the task of reading the speech to an […]

This tailoring shop in Jordan helps Iraqi refugees knit their lives back together

In Amman, Jordan, there is a tailoring workshop where, in addition to creating clothing and accessories, the wounds of life are stitched back together. It is called Rafedìn, which means […]

Ash Wednesday: Leave the ashes on or wash them off?

At the Mass that marks the beginning of the season of Lent, which serves as preparation for Easter, the priest and the ministers who assist him say one of two […]