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Pope Francis quotes Buddha at interreligious event in Mongolia

In a meeting with Mongolian Buddhists, Shamans, Shintoists, and other religious representatives, Pope Francis said Sunday that interreligious dialogue is “not antithetical to proclamation” but helps religious traditions to understand […]

Pope Francis at Mongolia charity: ‘Only love can overcome selfishness’

Addressing charity workers in Mongolia on Monday, Pope Francis said doing good requires loving others and seeking the best for them without expecting anything in return.“To truly do good, goodness […]

Hundreds of Pakistan Catholics celebrate Mass outside burned church days after mob attacks

Just four days after a mob of Islamist extremists burned down a Christian community in the Pakistani city of Jaranwala, over 700 Catholics gathered to celebrate Mass outside the decimated […]

Parishioners begin to repair church riddled with bullets in Mexico

Despite the uncertainty and fear caused by the violence in the area, the Tarahumara Indigenous community of Santa Anita, Mexico, began repairing their village church, which was seriously damaged by hundreds […]

Like Our Lady of Guadalupe, mothers can be great evangelizers today – Pope

Our Lady of Guadalupe proclaimed the Gospel in “mother tongue,” Pope Francis said Wednesday in a message that highlighted the important role mothers play in passing on the faith to […]

Pope Francis names new patriarch of Lisbon following World Youth Day

Pope Francis on Thursday named Bishop Rui Manuel Sousa Valério as patriarch of Lisbon, just days after the conclusion of World Youth Day in the capital city of Portugal. The […]

Leadership in African Culture

African traditional political leaders cover both the temporal and the religious spheres. They represent the exigencies of the ancestors before the community of the living and the exigencies of the […]

Sr. Sanyu inspiring Catholic Youth

Sr. Maria Goretti Sanyu was born in Kampala to Peter Kiwanuka and Dorothy Lunkuse and grew up in Bbina and Mbuya. She went to AMKA Classic Primary for her primary […]

Theology of Martyrdom with Reference to the Uganda Martyrs

Death is only useless when it is an end in itself. One of the saddest human experiences is the death of a child. Whatever age the child is, the grief […]

Corpus Christi cibus vitae

“There is nothing littler or more silent than Christ present in the host. This little piece of bread embodies the humanity and perfect silence of God, his tenderness and his […]