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Daniel Comboni

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Daniel Comboni is born at Limone on Lake Garda (Brescia ‑ Italy) on 15th, March 1831.  In 1849 he consecrates his life to Africa, thus setting in motion a project that will indeed lead him to risk his life many times in exhausting missionary journeys, starting from his first arrival in Africa in 1857.  On 31st, December 1854, the year of the proclamation of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, he is ordained priest by Blessed John N. Tschiderer, Bishop of Trento.  Confident that

The Founder

DANIEL COMBONI Daniel Comboni: the son of poor gardeners who became the first Catholic Bishop of Central Africa, and one of the great missionaries in the Church’s history. It is a fact. When God decides to take a hand and select a generous and open-hearted individual, things happen: great, new things. An “only child” – with holy parents  Daniel Comboni is born at Limone sul Garda (Brescia – Italy) on 15th, March 1831, into a family of cultivators employed by one of the rich

Pro-Vicar Apostolic

The two institutes which Comboni started were a direct result of a challenge which a Cardinal in charge of Propaganda Fide, the Department in Rome which dealt with the Missions, had put to Comboni when he expressed the desire to go back to Central Africa. The Cardinal told him: “Either bring a medical certificate that assures me that you will live for another 30 years or start an Institute”. Comboni founded what are now called the Comboni Missionaries of the