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Fr. Paolino was born in a small village called San Pietro Apostolo in the Calabria Region, South of Italia on the 4th of November 1937 to Santo and Rosina Tomaino. He is the first born in a family of 5 children. After Primary education, Fr. Paolino joined a Teachers College with a wish and love of becoming a teacher after the wonderful example from his teacher.

His life’s course was changed when he met a Comboni Missionary who had spent many years in Sudan. The Missionary told the young boys that, at their age they had dreams and requested them to always Remember that, “while you are studying, somewhere in this world, a human being is born, somewhere in a place of this world. He is waiting for you and needs your help.

This creature, probably, is very far from your school and your village. Probably lives in a place like the one I have been compelled to leave, Sudan in Africa. Boys, in your dreams, don’t be afraid to dream about that creature, who needs your head and your heart.” Paolino heard an inner voice very loud telling him, “you boy the Missionary is not talking about one class with 40 children go for the thousands in that part of Africa, the Missionary is talking about.”

He was 18 years old then, his decision was one and definitive. After the formation period on 28th of June 1964, Tomaino Paolino was ordained Priest in the congregation of the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus. At 27 years of age, Fr. Paolino was assigned to work in Africa. In January 1965, he arrived in Uganda and was assigned to Mbarara Diocese together with 3 other Priestsncluding: Fr. Sean Dempsey, Fr. Joseph Ambrose and Fr. Mario Cisternino. It took Fr. Paolino 9 months to learn Lunyakole- Rukiga language with experienced Missionaries in Nyakishenyi and Mushanga. At the beginning of October, he went for his first Missionary Pastoral Experience, in Kigezi, Rushoroza Parish, Kabale.

In April 1968, Fr. Tanel, Bro. Lucio Cariani and Fr. Paolino Tomaino were assigned to Nyamwegabira, a center under Makiro Parish, to start the new Parish. He later returned to Italy, but after a short stay in Italy in 1970, he returned to Uganda in January 1971.

From January to October, he worked in Buhara and then in Rwanyena with Fr. Joseph Ambrose.
In 1973, Bishop Barnabas R. Halem Imana recalled Fr. Paolino to Rushoroza Kabale and put him in charge of the Lay Apostolate Office. In 1975, Fr. Paolino organized a pilgrimage and took about 300 people to Rome.

In 1976, Fr. Paolino got reassigned to Makiro Parish until the end of 1980, when Makiro Parish was entrusted with a Diocesan Clergy called, Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda. Therefore, Fr. Paolino went to open the new Parish in Kambuga, and he was later joined by Fr. Pasquali and Father Franco.
In 1989, Fr. Paolino celebrated his 25th Priesthood Anniversary and this was the last year for Fr. Paolino in Kabale.

In 1990, he visited Italy for holiday and when he returned in September 1990, he was assigned to Kyamuhunga where he opened a new Parish.

In 2015, for his Golden jubilee as a priest, Fr. Paolino decided to celebrate it in his home Parish in Italy.

In April 2015, when Fr. Paolino returned, he went back Kyamuhunga not for Parish work because his health had deteriorated but he could not remain idle. He established another secondary school exclusively for girls.

On 10 October 2015, Fr. Paolino returned to his beloved Bishop Comboni College Kambuga to celebrate 50 years as a Priest and the beginning of Pastoral life in Uganda. Africa made Father Paolino Tomaino a Priest, and a Missionary. No other kind of life, could have succeeded to give him what his Missionary life in Africa has given him.

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