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We thank God for the Gift of Fr. PaolinoBy Spero Byokunda

On 12th April 1982, I was among the 1st intake of 226 pioneer senior one students of Bishop Comboni College, Kambuga, which Fr. Paolino Tomaino had founded and established. At the inception of Bishop Comboni College, Fr. Paolino was still the Parish Priest of Kambuga Parish and the overall governing Principal of the school and the 1st Headmaster was the late Tereci Rwengabo (RIP).

In order to fully concentrate on the management and administration of the school and at the request of the Bishop, in 1984, Fr. Paolino ceded the post of Parish Priest to which, Fr. Pasquali Caroli was appointed.

Of the many things he did, I remember one thing which many teachers and students may never have noticed. Whenever Fr. Paolino brought in text books to the school, the Librarians were instructed as convention to stamp the opening and last page of the text book BUT ALSO WITHOUT FAIL TO STAMP PAGES 37 AND 82.

I later came to learn that page 37 was to signify the year 1937 when Fr. Paolino was born and Page 82 was to signify the year 1982 when Bishop Comboni College Kambuga started. Up to now if you go to the school and get a text book that was procured during the era of Fr. Paolino, you will definitely find it with the school stamp on pages 37 and 82.

Fr. Paolino Tomaino remained the Principal of Bishop Comboni College until early 1990 when he left Kabale Diocese to join Mbarara Diocese where he was deployed in Kyamuhunga, Rushere and back to Kyamuhunga Parishes. He has continued to do wonders in establishing churches, schools, hospitals and SACCOs. We thank God for the Gift of Fr. Paolino and we continue to pray to God to bless him.


You came into my life at a time when I needed a rescueBy Monica Edemachu

Father Paolino, You came into my life at a time when I needed a rescue; at a time when my Father OC Kizinga police station, the Current Ntungamo District was arrested and detained at Mbarara Military police for allegedly aiding rebels. I had no hope of going to school, but you offered me a place at Comboni College Kambuga where we paid school fees according to our performance in class. You taught us to be disciplined, satisfied with what we have, hardworking and committed to our studies. You always told us, “Somewhere, somehow, someone is waiting for you.” You gave me direction in my career as administrative officer at a tender age when you made me sports prefect at a tender age in senior two and later a Head Girl. You loved us dearly and always wanted the best for us as your children.

Even though we grew old, we remained babies in your sight. You always sent me messages on the feast day St. Monica and prayed for me. You personally preferred to cook for me Italian Spaghetti which was always delicious. Whenever you wanted to see me, you could send a message that would never keep me at peace until I saw you. Your love for me was seen even at a time when you were in pain in hospital. As you were leaving for Italy, you said, “Monica, barikuntwara Milan tinyine ekyokukora” (Monica they are taking to Milan, I don’t know what to do). Your love for Uganda was evident when you become a citizen with Passport and National ID.

The love of a parent is that I will miss you as Ecclesiastes 8:8 says, “No one can keep from dying or put off the day of death.” We know you are with your Father in heaven. As we celebrate your life, I will always love you and remember your love Father.
Rest in Peace Fr. Paolino!


He was living a Simple LifeBy Esau Turyatunga

In 2016, I visited Fr. Paolino in Kyamuhunga. It was my first time to go to Bushenyi. The old students of Bishop Comboni Old Students Association had made for him a photo album from his 60th anniversary in priesthood and his octogenarian (80 years) celebrations. He was so excited after receiving the photo album to the extent that he asked for 4 more copies of the same album which he sent to Italy to his relatives.

When I reached at his residence in Kyamuhunga, Fr. Paolino asked me not to go back to Kampala but to spend the night and travel the next day. He prepared for me breakfast which included Spanish omelet, milk, vegetables and gave me fruits from his garden.

He later drove me around Kyamuhunga in his Hilux Pick Up. For a man of Fr. Paolino’s status, I was left challenged to find him cooking for himself. I observed that he had only one pair of shoes.

The lesson I learnt from him is that he was living a simple life like Jesus, yet he had everything. Fr. Paolino worked for others to be happy and with humility, humanity, without any expectations of being rewarded. This is a true definition of a philanthropist.

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