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The day was January 14th 2023, Kotido Catholic diocese was a beehive of activites. Everyone in the Diocese was actively involved; from the priests who were preparing for the liturgical celebration, to the congregation which was anxious to attend the Eucharistic celebration and watch the third Bishop of the Diocese being installed. The cooks were busy in the kitchen making sure that the guests are well fed after the Eucharistic celebration. At eleven O’clock, the procession snaked in through with the dancing little girls and the young ladies dressed in Karimojong traditional animal skins tied around their waists, which they swung from one side to another while leading the Bishops and Priests to the altar for the celebration to begin.

The choir was tuned to a very beautiful melody with angelic voices as the congregation shook their bodies in agreement with the beautiful harmonious voices. The Holy Mass soon begun celebrated by the Archbishop of Tororo, Most. Rev. Emmanuel Obbo, assisted by Bishop of Soroti, Rt. Rev Joseph Oliach Eciru and Bishop Fillipi Giuseppe. Rt. Rev. Dominic Eibu was consecrated as the new Bishop of Kotido Diocese by the Archbishop of Tororo Archdiocese, Most Rev. Emmanuel Obbo at Daniel Comboni Primary school playground.

The colourful ceremony was graced by sixteen Bishops from the Ugandan Ecclesiastical Provinces and two from South Sudan and Egypt. During his homily, Most Rev. Obbo welcomed the congregation telling them that it was a great day. He said God doesn’t choose perfect people. Rt. Rev. Dominic was announced as Bishop elect for Kotido Diocese on 25th October 2022, making him the third Bishop of Kotido Diocese, succeeding Rt. Rev. Fillipi Giuseppe who had resigned. Bishop Fillipi was Bishop of Kotido since 17 August 2009 to 25th October 2022 when the Holy See accepted his resignation and appointed his successor.

The Archbishop expressed joy during the consecration of the bishop saying; “I would like to express our joy as the 4th Comboni Missionary in Uganda as 7th Bishop in Karamoja region is consecrated today.” He added that, the new Bishop is a prayerful man with a joyous character and a compassionate heart. He also assured the people of Kotido that they are going to get episcopate blessings.

The Chairman, Uganda episcopal Conference, Rt. Rev. Anthony Zziwa congratulated the people of Kotido and thanked the outgoing Bishop for the great work he has done in Kotido. He also welcomed Rt. Rev Dominic and congratulated him upon his

installation as Bishop. At the time of his appointment, Bishop Dominic was the Parish Priest of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Cairo, Egypt. Bishop Dominic is from the congregation of Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus. He was born on 30th April 1970 in Lwala, in the Diocese of Soroti. He studied philosophy at the Queen of Apostles Philosophy Centre in Jinja and took his first religious vows on 16th May 1998 in Namugongo, after which he enrolled to the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome to study theology. He took his perpetual vows on 12 January 2002 and was ordained a priest on 15th August 2002. He was subsequently awarded a licentiate in Arabic and Islamic studies in Cairo, Egypt and then at the Pontifical Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies in Rome.

The Bishop of Kotido was also the Director of the Comboni Primary School in Khartoum (2005-2016); Vice Provincial Superior of the Comboni Province of Khartoum (2008-2013); member and secretary of the College of Consultors (2013-2016); secretary of the Presbyteral Council (2013-2016); secretary for education (2013-2016) and since 2017, school director and deputy Parish Priest in Cairo. Bishop Dominic has also been vice Provincial Superior of Egypt-Sudan and member of the Education Committee of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

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