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About Us

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Our Story

We are a missionary religious congregation founded by saint Daniel Comboni. We are dedicated for evangelization and human promotion according to the plan and methodology of Saint Daniel Comboni. Besides in the province of Uganda, the Comboni missionaries are present in about 43 countries worldwide. The Comboni family comprises of the Comboni missionaries of the heart of Jesus (priests and brothers), the Comboni missionary sisters, the secular Comboni missionaries and the lay Comboni missionaries, all dedicated for the service of the poorest and most abandoned in the footprints of saint Daniel Comboni. Together, they form a missionary family of a thousand lives given for the mission.

We work for the development of the human person, doing it through evangelization, education, and advocacy until those we minister to can take over those roles.

What We Do

Evangelization: We as Comboni Missionaries are commitment to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Preparing local Christian leaders to serve their people and minister through the sacrament.


Helping improve the quality of life by providing resources such as food, clean water, churches, medicine, schools, and community centers.

Comboni Missionary Family

Together with our Comboni sisters, lay missionaries, supporters, and collaborators, we form the Comboni Family. Our gifts and talents – and limitations – vary greatly, but we remain united in the common goal to bring compassion and love to God’s people. Our motto

– The World is Our Parish – gives the clear message that we take Jesus’ words (Mark 16:15) at full value.

Comboni Priests – MCCJ

An International institute exclusively missionary, dedicated to the preaching of God’s word, mediators between God and humankind through the sacraments and accompany the people of God in their journey of faith.

  • They are committed to first evangelization
  • Increase awareness of Mission among the people of God
  • Promote Missionary Vocations and forming missionaries
  • Administer sacraments
Comboni Brothers

They are consecrated religious(non priests) who evangelize through their profession such as building, mechanics, administration and doctors.

  • They serve the people, sharing with them sweat and work
    work for human promotion
  • Preaching as example the dignity of work through social
Lay Missionaries – CMLU

They are baptized Catholics, men and women, single or married inspired by the charism of St. Daniel Comboni, commissioned and committed to witness Christ through their professions and life skills.

  • They work among the poor (by offering psycho social and peer
    support) they youth, disabled and people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • They also work in fields such a as education, media carpentry,
    engineering, social work and administration.