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Comboni Brothers – MCCJ

//Comboni Brothers – MCCJ

They are consecrated Religious (not priests) who evangelize through their profession such as building, mechanics, administration, doctors. A call to

be a Brother is a vocation to be living, human memory of Jesus. The different vocations in the Church remind us that; there are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but

the same spirit; there are different forms of service but the Lord; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone. (1 Cor 12:4-6).

All vocations are gifts from God, which are to be put at the service of the whole humanity.

The vocation to Brotherhood is a specific gift to the Church. It reminds all of us of the common dignity and fundamental Brotherhood of Christians; “you are all Brother” (Matt 23:8).

Comboni Brothers’ role today

They are active agents of transformation and evangelizers in the Church through their daily ministers

They live and witness to Christ among people through their of living and promote fraternity.

They actively work for the formation of leaders.

They transform the life of the youths through technical skills and human formation

What they do;

They serve the people, sharing with them sweat and work work for human promotion

Preaching as example the dignity of work through social ministry

Formation Journey

To be a Comboni Brother today requires from the youth;

A deep desire to put your life at the service of others

To be a ferment that transforms the society and the church to witness and share our faith with others

Aspirancy: a period of discernment when the candidate comes to know the way God wants him to follow.

Postulancy: a period of technical or professional preparation and human formation. the Candidate acquires the necessary technical preparations

which is an important dimension for the missionary work.

Novitiate: a time for deepening the Comboni Spirituality and preparation for the First Religious vows.

International Brothers Centre: This stage of the basic formation is meant to give a ministerial formation for the Brothers. It equips the Brothers with the essential tools they need to carry out their ministry in the mission

First mission: a time if full immersion in missionary work that leads to the Final vows.

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