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Comboni Missionary Priest – MCCJ

//Comboni Missionary Priest – MCCJ

An International institute exclusively missionary, dedicated to the preaching of God’s word, mediators between God and humankind through the sacraments and accompany the people of God in their journey of faith. Though the missionary does spend some time in his home country, he is open to being sent wherever the Lord leads him – ultimately finding his “home” in the Word of God. It was founded by Daniel Comboni; on the 1st June 1867.  He developed a great passion to bring the Gospel to the peoples in Africa.

Even as a young child, Daniel Comboni used to go up the hill and cry out aloud “Africa of Death”  At that time many people looked at Africa as the dark doomed continent. He went against the prejudices held against Africans.  He kept repeating that God died for the Africans too.  Besides that he believed that Africans were the best agents of their own evangelization.  This is summarized in his motto “Save Africa with Africa.”

The missionary witness is translated for the Comboni Missionary in a particular way of living the mission, according to a precise methodology, concrete and valiant. The fundamental elements of this way of life come from the words of St. Daniel Comboni. Candidates to the Comboni Missionaries, with the help of God, conform their lives to that of Christ, the Good Shepherd with the Pierced Heart, according to this charism of St. Comboni that continues and expresses itself in the Institute of the MCCJ.

What do they do;

  • They are committed to first evangelization
  • Increase awareness of Mission among the people of God
  • Promote Missionary Vocations and forming missionaries
  • Administer sacraments

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