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Spirituality Centre – Layibi

//Spirituality Centre – Layibi



January 8th – 17th 2022

Directed Retreat. Fr Maurizio Balducci MCCJ
25th – 3rd Feb: Directed retreat seminarians of Gulu and Tororo provinces

February 2022——————————————————————–

7th – 16th: Directed retreat Fr Emmanuel Ocokuru
21st – 28th: 2nd Course for spiritual Directors/guides Sr Margaret Pirango LSMIG & Fr Maurizio, MCCJ

March 2022—————————————————————————-
5th – 10th: Introductory course for spiritual Directors/guides. Sr Margaret Pirango LSMIG & Fr Maurizio Balducci MCCJ
13th – 19th: Retreat of Gulu diocesan priests
23rd-1st April: Preached Retreat, Fr. Maurizio Balducci MCCJ ( A fraternity that is new! on Fratelli Tutti of Pope Francis)

April 21st – 30th 2022——————————————————————————–
Directed Retreat (Mgr. Giuseppe Filippi Bishop of Kotido)
May 16th-18th 2022———————————————————————

Workshop and retreat (Gulu Diocesan Priests, Fr Maurizio Balducci MCCJ)
19th – 28th: Preached retreat, Fr Edward Mallya SJ (Come to be with the way, the truth and life)

June 13th-22nd 2022——————————————————————

Directed Retreat (Mgr. Damiano Guzzetti Bishop of Moroto)

July 4th-13th 2022———————————————————————
Preached Retreat, Fr Alenyo MCCJ BREATHING I COME (aimed at the young; both religious and Clerics)\

August 4th -13th 2022—————————————————————–

Directed Retreat Fr Emmanuel Ocokuru, Fr Peter Alenyo MCCJ

September 7th – 16th 2022———————————————————–

Preached Retreat “You, follow me!” Jn 21: 22 – Msgr Franzelli Bishop Emeritus of Lira)

19th – 21st: Workshop and retreat Gulu Diocesan Priests

October 27/9 – 6/10: 2022 ———————————————————-

Directed RetreatSr Margaret Pirango LSMIG

10thSt Daniel Comboni Day

November 7th-16th 2022 ————————————————————————————–

Preached Retreat Fr Alenyo MCCJ Running the race – Invitations to vibrant committed and focused life.

December 2nd – 11th 2022 ——————————————————————————-

Directed RetreatSr Margaret Pirango LSMIG Fr. Maurizio Balducci MCCJ

14th– 23rd : Directed Retreat MSMMC


Wi-Fi available but not for retreat, recollection or other prayer programme. for other activities for shorter or longer periods, charges will be deducted accordingly.
Free Wi-Fi available. For special arrangements and other programs, please contact us.

Payable via mobile money to Fr. Maurizio (adding charges 2,000/=) or at Centenary Bank – Gulu Branch. Comboni Spirituality Center Savings Account number is 752 0600 105
Free Wi-Fi available. For special arrangements and other programs, please contact us.

For more information and booking please call: Fr. Maurizio Balducci MCCJ
E-mail: mauriziobalducci@hotmail.com; Mob: + 256 778 103994/ Mr Otto Bartholomeo Mob: + 256 774 423208


  • Any arrangements for retreats in Comboni missionaries in Bamugongo Kampala

    Sr Rose 02.03.2022
    • Hello Sr. Rose, am not sure about any retreats in Namugongo but what i know is that there are some at the sisters
      also in Namugongo but this is the contact of Fr. Alenyo at the novitiate, you can find out; 0774 033247

      David Mukhwana 03.03.2022

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