The Founder



One only idea was the guiding force in the life of Daniel Comboni and it gripped him totally body and soul; it gave sense to everything he did: his Mission and the evangelisation of Central Africa, a dream which in those days sounded like Utopia. But Comboni dedicated all his energy to the last breath which, in fact, he breathed out in the heart of Africa.


As a missionary Daniel Comboni felt he was a brother of the Africans, that they were all children of the one God and Father. However, the mission made him a father above all: father of the first African Churches in Central Africa and the two exclusively missionary Institutes that he founded. His charismatic figure still inflames the hearts of young people today and brings to birth new families for the service of the missionary Church.


The prophetic gift of Daniel Comboni can be understood from different but complementary perspectives:


by his word and works he showed the loving mercy of the God who, in Christ, saves all people.

Comboni was not just one of the pioneers of the mission to Central Africa of his time, his global vision of mission is relevant even today


In his body and spirit he was mystically nailed, like the Lord, to the cross; he fell into the soil of Africa like a grain of wheat. His martyrdom makes him a master of missionary spirituality.