Justice, Peac and Integrity of Creation (JPIC)

The Church as the family of God in Africa must bear witness to Christ, by a firm commitment to justice and solidarity by each member of God´s People.
(Ecclesia in Africa, John Paul II)

John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre (JPIIJPC) has been established in 2007 to answer this call. The People of God in Uganda is still afflicted by poverty, exploitation, corruption, violence and lack of respect for human dignity and rights.

At the same time, many people feel inspired by the Gospel and discover the valuable contribution of the Catholic Social Teaching. The Centre will walk in faith with these brothers and sisters towards the transformation of the Church and society in Uganda.

We named our Centre John Paul II to keep alive the teaching of our late Holy Father who so tirelessly preached the Gospel call of peace and justice, not least in his  Ecclesia in Africa after the First African Synod 1994.

JPIIJPC is at the service of the Catholic Church, but we collaborate with other institutions and faiths trying to build God´s Kingdom in Uganda. All our initiatives of training, research and advocacy will seek to empower people so that our Christian faith bears abundant fruits of Justice and Peace.

JPIIJPC is an Institution of six Missionary congregations committed to build a more just and peaceful Uganda:

    Comboni Missionaries
    Comboni Missionary Sisters
    Congregation of Holy Cross
    Mill Hill Missionaries
    Missionaries of Africa
    Society of Jesus

Our Vision

An empowered People of God living in a just and peaceful Uganda.
Our Mission

To promote awareness and a creative response to issues of Justice and Peace in Uganda.
Our Objectives

    To raise awareness of Justice, Peace and respect of the environment and human dignity in the society.
    To create a centre of research and basic documentation into issues of Justice and Peace.
    To engage in public advocacy and networking on issues of social Justice and environment.
    To collaborate with all other institutions or groups which share the same vision and objectives with the Centre.

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