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Who are the Comboni Missionaries?

  • The Comboni Missionaries are an international Congregation of roughly one thousand five hundred priests and brothers of many nationalities working in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.
  • They are an exclusively missionary Congregation, they seek to make common cause with the more unfortunate and disadvantaged of our world so that the latter may fully and adequately realize their human potential of being children of God called to fully live their vocation.


  • To  proclaim the Good News among peoples where Christ is little or totally  unknown
  • To  foster social development inspired by Gospel values of fraternity
  • To serve and accompany the dynamic Churches of Latin America, Africa and Asia as they grow in number and mature in quality.
  • To bear witness to the love of God for each and every human person by promoting the missionary vocation in all its multi facets.

The missionary methodology of Comboni Missionaries

  • We are missionaries "ad gentes" because we go out to peoples, areas and situations where evangelization has not taken roots or is just beginning to take root.
  • Our missionary activity is "ad pauperes", because we give preference to the poorest and most abandoned in terms of Faith and the social dimension.
  • We are missionaries "ad extra", because we are men (and women) of God because we transcend our personal, family, geographical, cultural, social and religious frontiers.
  • We are missionaries "ad vitam" because we make a life-long commitment to God for the Missions.

Important elements

Save Africa by Africa.
To look and see how best the gospel can be proclaimed to Africans while respecting their cultures and traditions. Collaborating with Africans in identifying their human potentials thus ensuring that Africans become protagonists in their own history of evangelization.

Unity with the local people for a common cause.
Adapting to the local life style while remaining prophetic to those who have little voice or none. Sharing in the joys and sufferings of those local communities where we live and sometimes to the point of persecution and martyrdom.

Living together in a community as a way to witness and proclaim the Gospel.

  • We place particular emphasis on young people, to their education and professional formation, through the support and organization of numerous schools, both in the city suburbs and villages.
  • In line with the original inspiration of the Founder, Comboni Missionaries have set up in Africa, Latin America and Asia, centers for Bible formation, catechism, theology, professional and social training, to prepare local people who are active in the work of evangelization and human development.
  • In this way the missionaries collaborate in making the local Churches increasingly autonomous and able to run themselves and even go out to others in other continents.

Conditions for Ugandans wishing to join us.

  1. You should come from a good Christian family
  2. Lead a committed Christian life
  3. Have a good health
  4. You must have atleast six credits (including English) in Ordinary Level Examinations
  5. At least 10 points (two principal passes) in Arts Combinations or 6 points in Science Combination in “A” level including a pass in General Paper.
  6. You must not be above 25 years old at the age of entry

You can reach the Vocations Director in Uganda through e-mail:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vocations Director
Comboni Missionaries
P.O.Box 3872
Kampala – Uganda
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