Comboni Missionaries MCCJ

The Comboni Missionaries are a Missionary Institute comprised of Religious Priests and Brothers from many countries, constantly moving and growing, encountering diverse peoples and cultures.Though the missionary does spend some time in his home country, he is open to being sent wherever the Lord leads him – ultimately finding his “home” in the Word of...


Lay Missionaries

Comboni Lay Missionaries (CLM) – Uganda The CLM-Uganda started in the year 1999 with a small group of three young Men and two Ladies who were inspired by the love, meekness and charity, which the Comboni Missionaries were showing to the people in the nearby slum area of Kataza in the capital Kampala. Moved by...


Comboni Missionary Sisters

Comboni Missionary Sisters: women consecrated to God for the mission ad gentes. We came into being in 1872 as an exclusively missionary institute and as a result of the prophetic inspiration of Daniel Comboni. He was a missionary who was passionate about Christ and about Africa and who always and everywhere gave priority to the...

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