Relationship with MCCJ


  • They play roles of mentorship to us in all aspects of CLMU life
  • Facilitate in our formation programs
  • Our CLMU Spiritual Director Fr. Stan is always available whenever we need him
  • We do missionary activities together like outreaches to churches and schools in targeting the young people in vocation promotions
  • We work together as one family with the MCCJs
  • We some times get financial support for example they sponsored us with two air tickets to this assembly


It is quite challenging to work and at the same time living in the community. We have members who are now married and stay in their own homes and come to the community for prayer and recollections as explained above. We also have singles that stay in the community houses. This interaction of both the married and the single is fine and we have no problem of senior or junior CLMU members to say. Such problem we encountered in the beginning stages of CLMU founding but we no longer have this in the CLMU group.

Many members who stay in the community and are working find it hard to participate regularly in prayers but we try as much as possible to narrow this gap. For those families living in their own homes, they also report a lot of challenges with prayers. What keeps us moving is sharing our challenges together which are a source of consolation to know how other friends try to overcome this challenge.

All in all we try our best to pray on daily basis despite the challenges faced.


We had a wide gap with the MCCJ in the past but the new Provincial Council of the MCCJ, is making the gap narrow. We have a house which is our formation centre that we use in agreement with the MCCJ. The MCCJ financial contribution to CLMU used to be much in the beginning but not anymore. We maintain this house on our own including repairs.

We plan to get our own land and put our own house in the near future so that we can plan to generate more funds for CLMU.

The major challenge we have is some of our members are not employed and this affects the common fund contributions to CLMU and their general well being of their individual families.

We are in talks with the current MCCJ Provincial Council who have promised to take part in some projects that they haveso as to help in solving some unemployment problems of our members.