Tororo Diocese ordains 14

On Saturday 7th July, Tororo Diocese ordained 13 Priests and one Deacon. The Ordination ceremony was held at Uganda Martyrs Cathedral Nyangole in Tororo Diocese. The colorful event was presided over by the Archbishop of Tororo Archdiocese, Most Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Obbo as the ordaining Minister.

The Priests ordained included Pius Omita – Mulanda Parish, Emmanuel Omunyokol – St. Austin, Felix Hinambona – Mulangi Parish, Martin Mutete – Nyondo Parish, Patrick Ocheing – Achilet Parish, Valerian Odoi – Nyangole Parish, Innocent Odong – Achilet Parish, Jerome Olow – Kwapa Parish, John Stephen Olupot – Kwapa Parish, Lino Sinyekwa – Situmi Parish, James Marcellus Owino (MCCJ) – Achilet Parish, John Nabende – Tunyi Parish, Mark Owor (MHM) Nagongera Parish and Deacon Vincent Nagole – Kachonga Parish. In his speech, the Archbishop congratulated the newly ordained priests and deacon; he thanked the parishioners for their support.

The archbishop showed gratitude to the choir for a great job at the Martyrs day celebration at Namugongo in June. He stated that often times, young people struggle because they feel inadequate, they feel they are not trained, or no experience for doing a job. He called upon the young priests to be vigilant because that is an excuse used by many people. “God is always available to help and take care of us however, there will always be trouble in our way, challenges that we fear and road blocks,” said the Archbishop. He also reminded the congregation that, Jesus faced all those challenges. He added: “If they can do that to the master, what about you the servant and your elder priests have had those challenges in life. Young men! Sometimes we have to encounter life’s storms with confidence and remember God walks through these storms with us to rescue us. Like God told Jeremiah to whomever I send you, you shall go, whatever I command you, you shall speak, have no fear before them because I am with you and this is the confidence we have as priests, that we are not alone and we are not doing anything that is not commanded of us and when we do it rightly, God will be with us, protect and guide us.

A priest belongs to two worlds; he is human by birth and granted access to divine presence by his ordination and consecration and today after ordaining these people, I am going to send them back to you. Jesus commands us to be the salt of the world, to be present and give flavor to the society of today. The Archbishop noted that it is the role of Christians and priests to become the salt for the people. He also called upon families to behave like salt and try to penetrate different areas in our communities, appealing to people of Tororo diocese to unite in the sacrament of matrimony, because the newly ordained priests come from families where the sacrament of matrimony has united people and they will not like to see their people without the sacrament.

Archbishop Obbo also warned against tribalism and hatred, urging priests to unite the people and pray for unity. He concluded by challenging people to be careful about the many kidnappers and murders around the country. We must be informed about these killers around and we have to remember what Jesus teaches us “we must love our neighbor as we love our selves. And if there is anything that divides us, let us sit down as wise people; we have elders in our villages so let us have dialogue instead of creating tensions around. Let us pray for those who are trying to sustain peace in our country and in our Diocese, in our areas, neighborhood that we may be brothers and sisters, united for the love of Christ and for the love of God. God will stop all evils that will come,” said Archbishop Obbo. The newly ordained were appointed to their different parishes by the Archbishop.

The State Minister for General Duties Hon. Sarah Opendi applauded the Bishop for successfully leading Mass at the just concluded Uganda Martyrs celebration at Namugongo as well as the big harvest of 13 priests and 1 Deacon. The Minister congratulated the newly ordained Priests and Decon for it’s never an easy journey with temptations here and there but they soldiered on and managed to reach ordination. My message to you is that the journey is still long and we still need to pray for you. I humbly appeal to the parents and all the Christians to continue providing the necessary support to the newly ordained Priests and Deacon. Archbiship, thank you for the message of unity you passed on to the Christians and specifically, the people of Tororo. I know I have shared with you before but I still want to appeal to you to continue preaching to the people of Tororo for there is absolutely no reason why we should be divided along tribal lines, along religious lines.

She also stated that the government funded a team to travel to the UK lead by the Minister of Lands which returned and that government would soon consider the report and a lasting solution to the land problem be found. She advised the people of Tororo to examine themselves and give unity a chance. If the people can’t solve the problems then government and parliament would come to solve the issues of Tororo.

She also reminded the population to participate in the National Physical Exercise Day which the President launched on the 8th of July to prevent Non Communicable Diseases which are on the increase. These diseases arise from what we eat and how we live our lives; diseases like cancer, heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes etc The day is intended to inform Ugandans that it will not be business as usual anymore. “People don’t want to do hard work, even where people used to walk a kilometer, they want to sit on bodaboda” the Minister Noted. She advised people to exercise at least 30 minutes a day and more importantly, eat healthy foods and medical checkups at least once a year.

Other Political leaders who graced the ceremony included His Highness kwala Dola, State Minister for Environment, Hon. Goretti Kitutu, Woman MP for Manafwa as well as Members of Parliament from other constituencies including Hon. Okoth Othieno MP Budama west, Hon. Angura Fredrick MP Tororo County, Hon. Oseku Richard MP Pallisa District, Hon. Katusabe MP Bukonzo west (Muko) and Hon. Rose Mutonyi MP Bubulo.

With those few remarks I wish to parish let us continue educating our children cause without education our children will not be great you know what goes in in those other religious sects, that you find someone dreams today and tomorrow he is a bishop and he cannot even read the Bible.