Provincial Superior: Fr. Kiwanuka Achilles Kasozi

Attempts to reach Uganda had been made by the Comboni Missionaries working in Egypt and Sudan in 1890, but the British Foreign Office kept saying ‘no“ until 1906. In 1910, Bishop Geyer, two priests and one brother reached Kobe, on the east bank of the Nile, south of the present-day Pakwach. In March that year, they raised a big cross as a symbol of faith and hope.

In January 1911, Fr John Fornasa arrived at Omach, passing through Kenya, crossing Lake Victoria, the Kingdoms of Buganda and Bunyoro. Three weeks later, with a confrere he started the first mission among the Acholi, in close collaboration with the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers). Some catechists from Homa helped the new corners in the process of insertion in the new reality of the mission.

in 1917, the missions of Angal and Nyapea were opened. Other missions were soon opened, thus completing the Combonl presence among the three main ethnic groups of the West Nile: Logbara, Alur and Madi. The first Comboni Sisters reached Gulu in December 1918. That same year Comboni missionaries moved to Kitgum (where the two catechists blessed Daudi Okello and Jildo Irwa were killed). Later on, the Kalongo mission was opened together with other stations in the region of the Langl (today Lira Diocese), reaching Karamoja (1933-1955).

In 1960, the Comboni missionaries established Mbuya Parish (Kampala) mission and a vocation promotion centre in Namugongo. Later they expanded to the dioceses of Kasana Luwero (Kasaala, with the College Daniel Comboni, today run by the Comboni Lay Missionaries, and Katikamu) and of Kabale (from where they left in 1990).

In 1970, they took up commitments in Hoima diocese, and in 1990 in Mbarara archdiocese, focusing on missionary and vocational promotion and opening the Postulancy in Jinja.

Among other institutions linked to the Comboni Missionaries, it is worth mentioning Angal Hospital, ”Radio Pacts” stations in Gulu and Arua, the Major Hospital of St Mary in Lacor, the Centre for Spirituality and the Professional institute Daniel Comboni in Layibi, the Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital in Kalongo, the Catechetical Centre in Lira, and Matany Hospital. Comboni missionaries present today in Uganda are 103 (3 bishops, 70 priests, 16 brothers and 14 scholastics).

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