Provincial Superior: Fr. Jude Eugene Burgers

For the last ninety-three years, the Comboni Missionaries in South Africa have been committed to primary evangelization working with peoples first subjugated by colonialism and then by its evil twin, apartheid, until the present where this fledgling democracy is being tested to the ninth degree. Our missionaries face the tensions of the day as they encounter the root causes of xenophobia, inequality and discriminatory practices in ordinary pastoral work.

Missionaries accompany families wracked by poverty and unemployment. They accompany pregnant teenagers, victims and perpetrators of domestic and gender~ based violence, and the staggering numbers infected or affected by AIDS. in the firm belief that the works of God flourish at the foot of Calvary, our missionaries take their stand among the poorest and most abandoned of South Africa. Building the Kingdom of Jesus Christ continues, though the fruits are sparse and slow in showing themselves.

In a country with very high levels of asylum-seekers, migrants, and refugees and living with impoverished South Africans, our missionary presence testifies to the Living God who is still drawing light out of darkness, still bringing hope where despair has set in, and manifesting the Resurrected Life that overcomes the forces of death and darkness.

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