PROVINCIAL SUPERIOR: Fr. Jose da Silva Viera

The Comboni Missionaries arrived in Portugal 70 years ago in April 1947. After accepting a missionary commitment in Mozambique, Fr. Giovanni Cotta who started the Comboni presence in the British isles in l936) was entrusted with the foundation. From Viseu, where Fr. Cotta laid the cornerstone at what is today the Portuguese Province in the centre of the country, the institute opened new communities for formation and mission animation. it also started publishing two missionary magazines: Alem-Mar and Audacia (for the young).

Today, the Portuguese province has seven communities in Portugal dedicated to missionary animation, mass media, formation and parish work. The Comboni missionaries from Portugal are 88.39 live in the country, including seven who retired due to age and health. 49min Africa. South America Asia and Europe. The biggest group is in Brazil (1l). Mozambique (6) and Italy (6).


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