PROVINCIAL SUPERIOR: Fr. Enrique Sanchez Gonzalez

The Province of Mexico was officially inaugurated on the 24th April 1950. The first Comboni missionaries arrived at the peninsula of Baja California, there they started with the evangelization work. At the present moment, we are 14 communities: 5 evangelization, 3 seminaries, 1 center for missionary animation, 1 center for sick missionaries and 4 for missionary animation.

The activities of the Province of Mexico are: evangelization among the indigenous people and urban areas, Formation and vocations and missionary animation. One of our communities is dedicated to take care of our elderly and sick missionaries.

The number of Mexicans Comboni missionaries at this moment are around 160 profess members and many of them are present in the 4 continents where the Comboni Institute is working. Many lay people in the Mexican province are also working together with us and some of them are the Comboni lay missionaries.

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