Fr. Austin Radol Odhiambo

Kenya being adjacent to Uganda had contacts With the Comboni missionaries before the official opening in 1973. Kacheliba mission where we are until to date was being served by the Comboni Missionaries from Uganda as an outstation. Even the first community, Tartar, which was opened officially in November 1972 was still under Moroto. But the following year 1973. Kenya was quickly officially opened as a region precipitated by political developments in Idi Amin’s regime in Uganda which refreshed the sad memories of the foreign missionaries’ expulsion from Sudan.

Today we find ourselves working in 4 zones: Pokot. Turkana Nairobi and Marsabit zones. Our priorities have developed and evolved over the years Currently, our main areas of involvements are: Pastoral among the pastoralists. urban ministry, missionary animation and formation of leaders and drivers of social transformation.


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