Fr. Victor Hugo Castillo Matarrita

The Province comprises of Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The first Comboni Missionaries arrived in the region in a convulsive period of Central American history, characterized by wide spread social transformations. In January 1979, the General Direction of the institute expressed to the bishop of the Vicariate Apostolic of Puerto Limon (Costa Rica) the desire to take up a commitment in vicariate (elevated to San Jose de Costa Rica diocese in 1994. The bishop promptly agreed and a month later, two Comboni missionaries who had been working in Mexico were welcome in a small house in San Jose, the capital, in Barrio Sagrada Familia, next to the church.

From the start, three lines of work were adopted; pastoral work, missionary animation and vocation promotion. In 1981, the Postulancy was opened. Two years later, the first Costa Rican Postulants entered the Novitiate in Cuemavaca (Mexico) and in 1984, they took their vows. In Puerto Limon, two Comboni missionaries began to spread the work with enthusiasm and dedication. The response of the people was such that other missionaries were soon called in. Missionary Animation encountered open doors everywhere. Father Vincenzo Turri made a name in this and results were so encouraging that the institute decided to extend similar experiences in nearby countries

In May 1989, a Comboni House was opened in Guatemala City and three months later, the General Administration of the institute created the Comboni Guatemala Delegation. In January 1994, the archbishop of San Salvador (El Salvador) called the Comboni Missionaries in the diocese parish of trusting to them the parish of Cuscatocingo, in a Zone devastated by the civil war.

The opening in Nicaragua came in January 2000, when Fr. Jean Pierre Legonou, a young Comboni missionary from Benin, took over the pastoral care of Casares Parish, in a zone which had been abandoned from the religious point of view 70km from the capital. In 2014, the delegation was elevated to the status of Comboni Central American Province. Costa Rican Fr. Victor Castillo Matarrita was the first Provincial Superior.

Today, Comboni Missionaries working in the Province are 34 (1 bishop, 29 fathers and 2 scholastics). The Comboni Missionaries coming from the 4 countries of this Province are more than 20.