The Scholasticate of Kinshasa is based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was transferred from France to DRC in July 1996. As a country, the DRC has passed through different political turmoil in as far as change of government is concerned; from kasavubu to Mobutu, Mobutu to Laurent Kabila and not to his son Joseph Kabila. It is still a young country in as far as democracy is concerned.

However, it is a country where we can find a good number of practicing Christians among whom 37 percent are Catholics. The official language of the country is French but there are also four national languages; Lingala, Kikongo, Chiluba and Kiswahili.

The fundamental objective of the Scholasticate is to form missionary priests to have a deep experience of Jesus following the example of Saint Daniel Comboni. The Scholasticate study theology at the institute of the Oblates which is just across the fence. Over the weekend they are involved in pastoral activities in different parishes within Kinshasa.

The composition of the Scholasticate with different nationalities makes us live particularly the aspect of interculturality and prepares us for the mission with an open mind to welcome cultural differences of other people. Interculturality is for us Comboni is a gift, “since we were born international” (cross-culture in the Comboni Community, Letter of the General council, Rome, 6 January 1999, R, 24)