Inter-Provincial Novitiate

The Novitiate of Lusaka is dedicated to a Comboni Martyr called Fr. William Nyadru. He was killed in Karamoja, Uganda in 1991. The inter-Provincial Novitiate was opened on 28th August 2001. Since it’s opening, vocational accompaniment of young men from English speaking African countries and Mozambique have been coming for the two year programme.

The Novitiate is the second phase of the basic formation programme after the Postulancy. It aims at a deeper experience of God, assimilation of the charism of the Founder, knowledge of the institute and subsequent consecration of one’s life of God’s mission.

The two years of the Novitiate are composed of two major periods; Desert and Community plus Apostolic. The Desert period provides an opportunity in which novices are helped to be in touch provides an opportunity in which novices are helped to be in touch with their inner self, gifts and limitations so as to be integrated persons in the light of God’s unconditional love.

This is facilities through personal prayer, reflection, regular conferences, community living and spiritual accompaniment. The Community and Apostolic period is spent outside the novitiate, in the context of an apostolic Comboni community life, as it is lived concretely by the comboni Missionaries