The Comboni Brother Centre began in 1981 in Gilgil, 120km from Nairobi where there was a polytechnic institute run by the Comboni missionaries. There, the brothers were trained for a profession. It was transferred to Nairobi in 1986. The reasons of this transfer were at first the difficulties of finding people for inputs. Secondly, because in Nairobi, there was a growing number of initiatives at inter-congregational level.

Basic characteristic

The community of Comboni Brothers’ Centre (CBR), comprises Comboni Missionary, Brothers in their last stage of basic formation. The CBR is a multicultural community of Brothers, gathered in Christ, fraternally united by one Charim (Comboni), sharing the same call to evangelization expressed in different ways. It is a family centered in God where love, pardon, respect responsibilities, joys and difficulties are shared in fraternity.

Social Ministry/Language

The last stage of our basic formation focuses on ministerial education (social ministry) opening to the first missionary experience. The programme basically focuses on Social Transformation. The Brothers who come from non-English speaking provinces, spend a period of one year learning English in order to obtain the required certificate to study at Tangaza College. Upon completion of the language studies, the Brothers attend the course of Social Ministry in Mission at Tangaza College which prepares them for social apostolate and ministry. We commit ourselves to weekly apostolate as part of our ministerial training, focusing on sharing our faith, staying with the abandoned. Our presence in Tangaza or at language Centre allows us to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, with members of several religious congregations. It also allows us to share the richness of different ministries.

Overall goal at the Comboni Brother Centre

Whereas the Postulancy focuses mainly on human maturity and the acquisition of a profession, and the Novitiate on the consecration for the mission within the Comboni charism, the consecration for the mission within the Comboni charism, the CBC is concerned with ministerial education and personal integration. Therefore, the ultimate goal of formation at the CBC is to offer holistic preparation for the mission.

Our Mission

The CBC of prepares the Brothers to play a unique role in a context of a collaborative ministry with ordained Comboni missionaries, the laity and other ministers.

Main Objectives

To grow in the sense of identity as Comboni Brother by deepening and personalizing the values acquired in the previous phases of formation.

To focus on ministerial formation in order to grow as disciples of Jesus.

To acquire skills for social apostolate (Justice and Peace, development initiatives) and empower others

To build a community where our cultural diversities help us to grow and be celebrated.

To commit ourselves to a process of integral growth in everyday life.