Who we are

Comboni Missionary Sisters: women consecrated to God for the mission ad gentes.

We came into being in 1872 as an exclusively missionary institute and as a result of the prophetic inspiration of Daniel Comboni. He was a missionary who was passionate about Christ and about Africa and who always and everywhere gave priority to the poorest and most excluded people.

Comboni believed unreservedly that the peoples of Africa could, through the power of the Gospel, become protagonists for the regeneration and liberation of Africa. He recognised the importance and necessity of the presence of consecrated women in the evangelising mission of the Church, believing that their presence “constituted an indispensable element that was essential in all respects.”

This vision of his is alive in us today wherever we are:

  •     in the African continent where we have our roots
  •     in Europe, in the Americas and in Asia where, in response to the signs of the times, we are also present

As women of the Gospel, consecrated to God for the mission ad gentes, we express our particular charism in the following ways:

    By sharing and announcing the Good News of the universal love of God in Jesus Christ to the people who do not yet know him, in particular to the poorest and the oppressed;
    Encouraging the growth of the values of the Kingdom that we find already present in creation and in history;
    By being “bridges between people”. That is between peoples, cultures and religions, between the excluded and those who exclude; by being women of dialogue and reconciliation;
    By helping the local Churches to develop a missionary awareness, communicating to them the passion for evangelisation which cannot be separated from a commitment to justice and peace.

Comboni had a clear idea of the kind of person the missionary sister should be; he demanded that they be “women in love with Jesus Christ, forever walking the road of the mission in order to be sisters and companions on the journey of the least important ones”.
Today, united in this single ideal we form an exclusively missionary family.
We come from 33 countries and we work in 30 countries on four continents. At the moment there are 1563 sisters.
Our style of life, lived in multicultural communities, is already a proclamation of the good news and a sign of the Kingdom of God.